The frozen shadows cast by the trees lie still as ghosts in the morning freeze shrinking against the rising dawn their misty spirits above my lawn A wisp of wind carries them aside in search
of shadows for them to hide until the dark whence they return to their haunting beds to adjourn and come the morn they stretch their hands across the static frozen land then up the alley and across the grass tapping their fingers on my window glass the dancing figures perform a ball has skeletons upon my wall like nightmares from my childhood born ; Poem by Joe Gallagher All of my artworks are inspired by weathered walls with posters, peeling paint and all kinds of things in dilapidation. I try to create something new, something beautiful with these elements. This particular artwork is part of the Collages series. These collages are built up with all kinds of pictures, photos and images that I have collected over the years. I assemble original photography, assorted papers, acrylics, oil, charcoal, ink and pencil in my works. Having always loved the appearance of weathered walls plastered with peeling paint and old posters, I revive this aesthetic with hopefully a keen and professional eye.
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